Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It Has Begun: New 'Cathy" Cast for Lifetime's Petals on the Wind

Once Upon A Time's Rose McIver Cast in Petals on the Wind

I've never seen OUAT and I know nothing about Rose McIver, but from her photos she does bear a faint resemblance to Heather Graham minus the crazy eyes, so at the very least, it seems we're getting a good physical type.

So far we know that the Petals movie is set ten years after Flowers.  In book-time, this involves skipping over Paul, so I wonder if he's going to be in this at all or if we're going to get him in flashbacks to explain how the kids survived after their escape.  Lifetime doesn't generally get squeamish about sex, but Cathy and Paul's May/December romance (even if it's really more April/Labor Day romance) might cause some pearl-clutching.  I wonder if Julian's going to make it in? 

If I squint, I could see how one might narrow the whole focus of the film to a straightforward revenge story, but let's face it: 90% of the book was Cathy's madcap romances with increasingly inappropriate men and it's going to feel empty if we don't get a peek at that.  And of course, it's all worth nothing if Cathy doesn't bleed on her feet.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Petals on the Wind, Part Ten: In Which All Those Other Christmases Were Foreshadowing

Welcome to the conclusion of Petals on the Wind!  Shit's about to get Jane Eyre around here, complete with fire, crazy first wives, and people stuffed in the attic.

I'm going to apologize right now.  In this section I ended up extensively questioning a major plothole that quickly spun out of control, resulting in me spending two paragraphs analyzing how the definition of the word "to" changes the entire outcome of the book.  I am not exaggerating.  I'm not even being pedantic.  The editing in the final section of this book was so shoddy that I was reduced to close analyzing individual prepositions in order to figure out what the hell was going on.

In my defense, it was kind of an important part of the book--it might actually be the book, in my opinion--and it was done in an attempt to finally answer the number one question I've seen regarding this particular book: what happened to Cory's body?