Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Background Blogging

I'm trying a new tactic for Petals in the Wind.  In the previous set of recaps, I tried to get three chapters into every recap.  This was fine in theory, but the result seemed kind of inconsistent to me, just because the source material I was working with was kind of inconsistent with its pacing.  With Andrews, you can have three chapters where shit goes down, or three chapters that all begin with "What with one thing and another, a year passed."  Petals on the Wind is a pretty plot-heavy book compared to Flowers, and I think there are sections where I can get away with recapping only one or two chapters and still have a nice hefty post.  Upshot is that while the recaps are likely to be shorter for Petals, there will probably be more of them.

In the works: rereading Petals, of course. Finished watching Pin: a Plastic Nightmare, the film version of Andrew Neiderman's Pin, which was surprisingly creepy and effective.  Got about halfway through the film version of Flowers in the Attic, which was . . . er, not quite up to snuff with Pin.  Skimmed Gods of Green Mountain, a book only notable for its stylistic differences from anything else Andrews published.  Attempted breakdown of characters of color in Andrewsland; was slain immediately by migraine.

Meanwhile, it's finals week, and I have reports due on both Chaucer and Cormac McCarthy (she said in order to prove that sometimes she reads things that are not V.C. Andrews), so I am aiming for next Saturday to post the first section of Petals.

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