Monday, November 18, 2013

At this point I wouldn't trust me either.

I have tried very hard to keep my personal life experience off this blog (because, you know, we're so professional here), but from its inception, this blog has been plagued with setbacks, such as the time my town was leveled by a tornado, the time I nearly died of pneumonia*, and my father's death last year, in addition to my intensive school schedule.

But good news!  As of December, I will be an honest-to-god graduate of English, meaning that I will have no realistic job prospects AND my investigations into the world of V.C. Andrews will instantly have an air of authority!  In addition to this, on January 18th 2014, Lifetime will present its new made-for-TV version of Flowers in the Attic, and they have promised us actual incest this time.  Mmm, incest.

Therefore, barring any more life-threatening ailments, natural disasters, or my becoming a complete orphan, this blog will officially recommence January 2014, in time to review the new movie and in anticipation of a resurgence of interest in All Things Andrews.

*Could've been arsenic poisoning.  I have it on good authority that the symptoms are identical.


  1. yay, so excited you're back! i went from checking your blog daily to weekly.. lucky for me, monday is blog checking day =D

    1. i hadn't been keeping up with FITA movie news -- thanks for the update!
    2. so sorry you've had such a difficult couple years. it's a testament to your character that you are able to be so funny and witty through all of that
    3. congrats on getting your degree! i hope you find a great job asap (even if it will probably mean less updates to this blog)

  2. Congrats on your degree! I'm definitely excited. I've been rereading the Heaven series and I am excited to see you delve into that!

  3. YAAAAAAAAY! I am excited for 2014. (And I'm Sarah; only anonymous because I'm too lazy to set profiles up).

  4. Nice to see you are still around! Yours is the best fita blog I've found. Looking forward to January and also hoping that we get to see the film over here in blighty! The film has been crying out for a remake and hopefully they will have the sense not to kill the momma with the little bit of cookie (which frankly wasn't enough to kill a gnat let alone a fully grown woman so I'll never understand why she didn't just eat it and say 'now what? '!

  5. Praise Jesus - you're back! Now give us more POTW perversion!